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Nothing but a little Camo, Skull and Flannel

Flannel: Dorothy Perkins

Sweatshirt: Spitalfields Jacket: Topshop Leggings: Primark Boots: Primark

After another million years, I’ve finally found myself another perfect sweatshirt. As many of you might know, I’m an avid fan of sweaters/sweatshirts/pullovers which ever you call it. Yet the only place I found to have the best were always in Korea and my constant search for awesome print and affordability has never stopped since then. Finally, on my yet again lonely trip to Spitalfields Market did I find the perfect little store that sold this beauty. Can I just say, that this by far is now one of my favourites and one of my go-to items ever since I got it! The best part is, that it was affordable too and might I just add how dangerously attractive that is when shopping??

On a side note, I’ve been wanting to get my hair cut and coloured recently. It’s been getting awfully long. Also, I’ve been looking into… well, dyes and bleaching stuff at boots and superdrug… gotta find a day to go down and look and decide which shall be it before school starts. Time really does fly though I don’t know if I’m looking forward to it or not.


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