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Sweater Vest: H&M

T-shirt: Vintage

Trousers: Prettylittething

Shoes: Nike

Bag: JW Pei

In four walls

I find comfort in the bubble I create

I recently took a trip to Oxford to see some wonders and regain my own sense of direction. I've been lost for awhile wondering where I should go, where I needed to go. And for a long time I was so sure that the one thing I did, the one thing I was doing is the right and only path. Yet with time, the magic fades, I somehow find myself not knowing which path is the right one.

It's also been awhile since I've taken any outfit photos. I guess this is my way of going back to basics; doing what I know. This journal was formed with documenting my style and its evolution. But as my style changes and my interest change, I felt increasing pressure to look and present myself in a certain way and style. It's taken me way too long to learn that what used to define me now shows merely one of the many different versions of me.


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