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I’m losing balance on the tightrope we call life Trying to please all these surrounding lights

The higher I go, the harder I fall Like echoes in the wind Haunting, Ignoring my call 

Pride and Prejudice Tell me that it’s all worth it  As I’m losing sleep for something I can’t reach 

But I can’t help but hate how things stay the same So I go out and play one of their wicked games To get my name out there, forcing a change 

See these opportunities don’t come They’re one in a million  But I’m sick of lying

What, with no commission 

And it’s not about the money or about the fame  It’s all about that line nicely drawn on a paper with your name 

An excerpt from the days that feel extra long and everything goes wrong. Those same days when you’re pride gets the better of you and everything you’ve done all seem to go up in smoke.

Many questions. No answers.

When did we start caring about what other people think? When it started concerning our future?

We give our youth to things we don’t understand but love and before we know it it becomes the only thing we know. Yet it always isn’t enough.

‘Even if you sincerely desire something, it doesn’t always come easily to you.’ -Pride and Prejudice, Zico 

Maybe that’s why we start questioning and doubting. Because we are so used to seeing physical results, immediate results that when it’s something intangible, something that takes half a lifetime to achieve such as success, maybe even love, we easily become lost as there’s no telling in numbers or charts as to how well we’ve done.

You just do.

♫ Pride and Prejudice – Zico ft. Suran ♫ Parachute – Code Kunst ft. Oh Hyuk & Dok 2

© 2014 by Sharley L. of Psych|Being