Revival: Come Play with Me

Autumn/Winter 2016,17


A McQueen Project for the brand LEE


Wandering the streets, lost and deranged

Alone at night, I summon thee


Stained with blood, a cry for plea

Why won't you come play with me






Space Travel 

Autumn/Winter 2015/16


Discovering Commerciality 

A Giordano Project 

Interrupted Precision

Precision and perfection overshadowed and disrupted by stains and clumsiness



Autumn/Winter 2014/15


She sees what is beyond, 

Spliced, textures and knits.


By Tainting the pure, 

Whites, blues and reds.


Consumed by the darkness,

Frayed, oversized and black.


Belts, turtle necks and eyelets,

Never turning back.

Sea of Corals

TEAL, S/S 2014 


Sharley L. for high street fashion brand Teal, Singapore.


Winner of the 2013 Commercial Viability Award


Inspired by the beauty of the coral reef, think vibrant, street, fun and stylish. 



Print and apparel design by Sharley L.