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No Turning Back

Dress: Zara

Blazer: Topshop

Jacket: Vintage

Heels: Zara

Another one of those days where afternoon tea was the highlight of my day. 

So much has been happening and there’s almost no time to relax yet I have to say, the absence of content was due to having broken my lens in Paris.

It got me thinking of how long I’ve owned my camera and how comfortable I have become with it that for the past few weeks without it, it was terrible. I guess the comfort of knowing that it’s there was what I liked. Though with this new lens, my camera has definitely gotten a whole lot heavier making it even less of a joy to carry around.

A few other things I’ve noticed was how quick time went by and how I’ve gotten used to so many things that it didn’t bother or surprise me anymore. Yet with every moment of partial regret or question as to why or how good I am, I guess I can now officially say it is too late to back out now.

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