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LFW – Day 1

Knit: Zara Culottes: Sharley L. Shoes: Missguided Bag: Zara The start of the most craziest weekend.   I was fortunate enough to get invites this year for London Fashion Week due to work and now that it’s over, I have a huge backlog of post from the 3 days I went. Before I carry on, I think it was a long time coming before I returned to my “natural” state, being a red head. Anyway, I had a lot of anticipation leading up to it and this year they held it around Soho. Everything was scattered and it was difficult to try and keep up with the back to back schedules I had. There was definitely a lot of walking involved. The huge crowds also didn’t help with the lack of signal almost anywhere I went. It felt like being in a bubble full of fashion people with almost no way of communicating to the “outside world”.  On a side note, I decided to whip up a pair of culottes the night before which probably wasn’t the best idea considering the lack of sleep I had because of it. I am quite proud to say that it took me about 2 hours to get it done though. I have to say, they’re probably one of the most comfortable pair I now own.


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