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Odd One Out

Ripped Pants: K-Star

Kimono: H&M

Laced Boots: Dr. Martens

It doesn’t stop at the red hair. 

 Found this pair deep within all the clothes I’ve left behind from last year. Unlike any other pair, this one has a rather long history. I’ve had this pair for about 8 odd years now, maybe even more… It was way back during one of those phases you go through as a kid and yes, one of the many phases I went through was punk. It was what got me started with fashion to begin with and the whole idea of rebelling and not being another “one in the bunch” was something I couldn’t say no to.

You could say that because of the years I’ve grown with it, it’s one of the harder things to part with since punk fashion is part of my roots and when you’re feeling lost or uninspired, you go back to them.


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