Take me for who I am A broken record Not the perfect tune Trying so hard to make a sound Trying so hard to play out Proud

Take me for what I am An old soul that dares not have fun Like that little girl who smiled, not because of the sun But as tainted as the world made her She knew she had none

Take me for why I am who I am The scars that mark my body And the many stories I have to tell Simply because that will never change The past, they can haunt me Even when I’m ok And pretend all is ‘swell

Take me for me, wherever I want to go For my journey is my own And wherever I can make my home No matter how big a change it’ll make I know, I won’t be alone

Accept me as me, whenever I am As I am still me, even in this present And shit is inevitable But it shouldn’t make you hesitant

So take me as I am When I am For whoever I am, whatever it may be As no matter how strong I am It is the why that changes thee

Be it for good or bad

Please, accept me For me

♫ Stay – Blackpink

© 2014 by Sharley L. of Psych|Being